Depop: What’s that? + Mini Haul.

I’m a big fan of depop, and when I tell people that’s where I get some of my clothes they tend to say, what’s that? 

Quoting from their website “Depop is your little shop in your pocket.” 

So basically, depop is an app where you can buy and sell goods. Think eBay but even easier to use! Payments can be instant using the ‘buy’ button or done through PayPal friends and family to reduce fees. 

In regards to clothing, you can buy second hand or brand new, whatever you like. I tend to buy new with tags wherever possible. Prices obviously vary from seller to seller and on the condition of the piece. Another aspect of the app I really like is you can bargain the price of items with sellers and you can get a really good deal!

So is it reliable? Well, so far I have only had good experiences with the app! Each seller will have a reviews section, where they will be rated out of 5 stars and where you can read the reviews of past buyers. I try to only buy from reputable sellers with a 5 star rating. I also tend to buy from Irish sellers, it reduces postage costs and the time it takes for the item to arrive. 

I think depop is a great place to get clothes that may be out of stock elsewhere or even really cool vintage pieces. Another thing I really like is the idea of swapping clothing. If you ever have something you don’t wear anymore, or bought but can’t return, you can go on depop and someone might swap with you for something you’de prefer or have your eye on! I think that’s a great way of expanding your wardrobe whilst getting rid of things you don’t need/want! 

I think that’s all I have to say about the app itself, if anyone has any questions feel free to comment down below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Moving on to the haul! All of these pieces are bought from sellers on depop. 

The photo doesn’t do this dress justice, but it will be coming up in a post all on it’s own so hang on for that!

This is a sage green midi dress from Topshop. I am in love with it. It has cutouts just under the waistline which are really flattering and I also love the high neck. I think this dress will be perfect for autumn because of the colour and length. 

It could easily be dressed up with some cuffs or necklaces and a pair of heels, or dressed down with some boots and a denim jacket. I think i’ll get a lot of wear out of it! 

Price: €35.00 incl postage. Seller: depopsi 

Next is this plain black playsuit, it’s unbranded. I’ve gotten really into one-pieces lately, especially playsuits. They’re just so easy to throw on and don’t take as much planning as other outfits. 

I think this will be really handy when I get back to college, perfect for days where you’re not too bothered but still want to look moderately decent haha. 

I’d pair this with a leather or denim jacket and some boots, and definitely some statement jewellery otherwise I think it would be a bit boring! Il style this as soon as I can and put up a post on it. 
Price: €5.00 + €1.50 postage. Seller: rachk1990


Lastly is this gorgeous printed dress from Yumi. I’m not really into florals but this dress has sort of changed my mind.. It’s a shift style dress with oversized t-shirt sleeves. It’s comes down to just above the knees and is really flattering. 

Even though I love the colours and contrast between them, I still find it a bit too girly for me, so I’ll probably pair it with my docs and an oversized jacket and to take away from that. 

Again, another really handy dress to throw on without having to think too much about how you’re going to style it!

Price: €10.00 incl postage Seller: rachk1990

Okay, that was long and i’ll be impressed if you’ve made if this far! Hopefully this post gave you a good insight into depop and the types of clothing I like to get on there! Again, thanks so much for reading and I’ll be posting again soon.



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