Current Wishlist.

Okay, so I’m currently on a bit of a spending ban.. Kind of. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything until my birthday (9th August). I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and I have plenty to do me for awhile now. 

 Soooooo I’ve put this list together of things I want but can’t have at the moment…

First up are these over the knee boots from River Island. (Okay, this is where my spending ban went out the window, I actually bought these today but got them for a really good price.. €30!!!! I knew I was going to buy them eventually anyway and couldn’t ignore that price.. Another seriously good Depop deal!) 

I’ve had my eye on these for ages, and I mean ages. I think they’ll go with everything. Dresses, skirts, jeans.. Anything! 

Next on the list is another piece I’ve wanted for ages, a pair of black Levi denim shorts. Pretty self explanatory, just a nice staple piece to have in any wardrobe. I’ve seen a few in a couple of vintage shops online but just haven’t committed yet. Eventually they will be mine though. 

More denim! You might have seen my faded black mom jeans from Topshop in my most recent ootd, and I just found them so versatile and comfortable that I really want to pick up a light wash pair as well. 

I think the ones pictured here are also from Levi but I might take a look for some more Topshop ones because I love my first pair so much. 

LINK: (something similar on the Topshop website)

A throwback to the 70s here with this bell sleeve wrap over crop top from Missguided. I just think this is really cool and different and could be worn out or during the day. I also think it would be really nice paired with the next piece on this list! It costs €17.22.



Lastly is definitely the most coveted thing on this list.. I’ve seen these button down skirts EVERYWHERE. Another 70s piece that I think everyone could wear. This one is from Missguided. I like this one because most I’ve seen are a blue wash denim but this one is suede and a gorgeous khaki colour (that I think would go really well with my hair haha). It’s priced at €28.70.


That’s all I’ve got on my list for now! I’ve seen a lot of these kind of posts so I said I’d do one of my own. A little different to what I’ve done so far but I thought you might like to see what I have on my wishlist, and maybe you might add some of these to yours too!

Again, thanks for reading! Until next time,



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