My Top 5 Favourite Fashion Bloggers/Vloggers.

I’m back again with another mid week post! Just before I get into this I’d like to say that I think it suits me well to post twice a week so far. While I’m working it’s quite hard to get more outfit posts up so for now I think I’ll be consistent in in my posting and stick to twice a week!

Anyway, let’s get on with things! This post is all about my favourite fashion bloggers at the moment. It isn’t in any particular order, these girls are just big sources of inspiration for me, and if you’re not already following them then maybe this post will encourage you to do so! 

Jessie from sunbeamsjess on YouTube. 

Jessie is one of my major style inspirations, she is literally never afraid to push boundaries when it comes to outfits. She puts pieces together that I’d never even think of and goes further when everyone else has already stopped. She’s always up to date with trends but never seems to lose her own personal touch when it comes to styling outfits either. 

 Her lookbooks on YouTube would literally turn you green with envy… She always does really cool collaborations with Topshop, especially denim ones that I love watching. She also has an unbelievable collection of Jeffrey Campbell boots that I still can’t get over.

Another thing I really like about her is the way she films and edits her videos. You can tell so much time and effort goes into every single video she makes, with stunning backgrounds and seriously cool music to match. Definitely check her out if you havn’t already!

Tara from tarmarz on Youtube /

Tara is an Irish YouTuber who I’ve been following for quite awhile now. Her blogs more active than her YouTube channel in my opinion so I’d have a look there first if I were you!

Again, she definitely pushes boundaries in what she does and it’s nice to see someone who completely has their own unique style and isn’t afraid to showcase it. (Her hair is AMAZING.)

Her lookbooks are always incredible, beautifully edited and put together and just generally brilliant to watch. She also does a lot of beauty videos that I really like as well. 

She has some really helpful videos about how she takes pictures for her blog and how she edits them that I’ve tried to reference in my own work!

I just find her videos and posts really easygoing and approachable, it’s almost like listening to someone you already know talk about their clothes.

Jenn Im from clothesencounters on YouTube.

Firstly, can I just point out how cool her channel name is?

Jenn is definitely one of the most ‘trendy’ people I watch/read. She’s always up to date with what’s big at the time and incorporates it into her own style. You can really tell that clothing is her passion and that she loves what she does, which is great as it’s seldom you find a YouTuber like that these days.

I love all her lookbooks on YouTube. She tends to do them monthly and showcases what she wears to lots of cool events, especially music festivals and just day to day wear. 

What I like most about her is her diversity. Some days she’ll wear more grungy outfits like the one above, and the next she’ll wear something completely girly and colourful. Either way whatever she wears always suits her. 

She also recently bought out a new app – “imjennim”. I like to think of it as Instagram, but strictly for fashion. Definitely worth a look! 

Amy Valentine from / Amy Valentine on YouTube.

I’ve only recently started reading Amy’s blog and watching her YouTube channel, but she’s already made it on this list!

I mainly watch her YouTube as she does some really great week in outfits videos and quite regularly uploads hauls. They’re straight to to the point, as in this is what I got, this is where I got it and this is what it cost. There’s no messing around. She also finds really great dupes for more expensive pieces so her videos are definitely worth the watch. 

I think she describes her style as somewhere between grunge and boho, and I’d definitely agree with that. It’s literally the most perfect combination in my opinion. There’s literally not one outfit she has worn that I havn’t liked. 

Can we also take a second to appreciate the pastel pink hair? Like c’mon.. 

Leanne Woodfull from

Last but not least is Leanne, I know I said this list didn’t have a particular order but I think Leanne is definitely my favourite blogger. She’s an Irish blogger from Dublin and it was her post “How to become a successful blogger in 2015” that really inspired me to get going with my own blog.

I just love her style. I think she’s probably the one most similar to my style on the list and I get a lot of my outfit inspiration from her. Like the outfit above, I think a lot of her looks are casual, but somehow manage to be more than that. Everything she wears is something I’d definitely wear and I think that’s a sign of a seriously good blogger haha. 

Her pictures always showcase the best of Dublin as well. It’s so nice to see someone being so proud of where they’re from. I go to college in Dublin and I know that they’re are a lot of hidden places you’de never think of going, and I think Leanne incorporates this into her posts really well. 

She also does a lot more with her platform than just post about fashion. She was definitely one of the most outspoken people on my social media timelines when it came to the Marriage Referendum this year. I’m sure she reminded more than a few of us to get registered and go out and vote so a serious well done to her on that one. She also campaigns about the importance of gender equality and women’s rights which I think is hugely important as well. It’s so good to see someone who doesn’t let their follower count phase them when it comes to talking about controversial issues. She really stands up for what she believes in and I think that’s something we should all aspire to be like! 

Well, that was a long one! Well done if you’ve made it this far and as always, thank you so much for reading! 

Keep an eye out for another outfit post at the weekend. 

Until next time,



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