Two New Pieces & How I’d Wear Them.

So I got two new beautiful pieces this week, but I suppose two things doesn’t really constitute a haul…

So, I said I’d show you what I’d wear with them instead!  

First is this amazing halter neck crop top from Nine Crows, it was €23. I bought this to wear to Belsonic (HOZIER!!!) and just thought the pattern was really cool and like nothing I’ve seen before. 

I paired it with acid wash, high waisted shorts from Missguided. I got them last year but I’ll link something similar below if I can. I think they were about €30.

I’d also wear a thick black belt with this, just to accessorise. This one is from New Look and cost €10.

 Here’s the pattern up close, there’s soooo much detail! Definitely worth the money in my opinion! 

And lastly I’d definitely wear my Doc Martens, even just for comfort. I’ve heard a lot of people say it takes ages to break them in, but I’ve literally had no problems with mine at all.

I think this would be a great outfit to wear to a festival! It’s definitely got that kind of vibe to it, but it’s something a little different as well. 

Next is this bottle green, eyelash mini dress from Topshop. I actually got it on depop, I must be one of their biggest buyers at this stage! I think it maybe have been in and around €50 on the Topshop website, but I got it new with tags on Depop for €20

Here’s a closer look at the detailing. It’s lace all over and a really deep bottle green colour. I’ve really been liking Topshop for their dresses recently, I have another one from their petite section and the fit and quality is seriously brilliant! 

As you can see from above, I paired it with these strappy platform wedges from Penny’s/Primark. I got them on sale for around €8 and surprisingly they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn out. They have a kind of faux snakeskin pattern to them as well. 


  • Nine Crows Halter Neck

  • Acid Wash Shorts

I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s my birthday this weekend, so I may or may not be on time with another post, I guess we’ll see! Thank you for reading! 



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