Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Review.

So today I’m doing something a little different! I got these brushes from my mam and sister for my birthday, and said I’d share them with you!

I got the 12 piece brush set and a single brush as well.

First up is the F25 brush. I use this as a powder brush to set my foundation in place. I sometimes use it for bronzer as well. It’s a really big, dense brush that’s perfect for powdering your face and is literally the softest brush I have ever owned.

Next is the F03 brush. This is a stippling brush, but I like to use it for blush/highlight as it gives a really light finish. It’s a little too big for my liking but it does the job.

This is the F20 brush. It’s a flat top foundation brush. I love this. It doesn’t soak up too much product and gives a really flawless finish to the skin. I find my foundation goes a lot further than it did with my previous foundation brush (the Real Techniques buffer brush). I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a new foundation brush.

Next is the F02 double ended brush. I am not a fan of double ended brushes. I hate having to store them because one always end up out of shape. They are handy for travelling but otherwise I find them annoying.. So here you’ve got a flat foundation and concealer brush. I use the flat foundation brush for applying colour correctors or under the eye concealers, and I use the concealer brush for well, concealing! It’s a nice brush, but not one of my must haves.

The F15 brush. This is a contour brush. I’m not entirely sure why it’s red, but it looks pretty cool! I don’t use this brush for applying my contour product (Mac’s harmony), I use it to blend it out. It’s the perfect size for getting into the hollows of your cheeks. It’s super soft as well, a really handy brush to have.

This is the brush that didn’t come with the set, the F32, but came on its own separately. If you love a strong contour, you NEED this. It’s a straight, skinny, flag top brush that places product beautifully below your cheekbones and really creates a shadow. This is the small size, it also comes in a larger size.

The E26 brush. This in my opinion is a dupe for the Mac 217. It can be used for blending or applying product to the lid. I like to use it to blend and it does the job perfectly. Just a simple brush, not much to say here! What I will say it that I really like when brushes have white hair! It’s much better for when you’re cleaning them! 

The E24 brush. This is a flat paddle brush for packing shadows on the lid. Does the job perfectly. Isn’t scratchy on your lids at all.

The E23 brush. This is a pencil brush. I use this for defining the crease or applying product on the lower lash line. Again, does why it’s supposed to do and definitely a brush you’d want in your collection. 

The E25 brush. Another brush I use for blending! You can never really have enough blending brushes in my opinion.. I also like to use this as a concealer brush to give a more airbrushed finish. 

The L27 brush. A lip brush, but I prefer to use it for carving out my brows. I use Mac studio fix to outline my brows with this and it gives a really defined look.

Next is the E28 brush. This is really small detail liner brush. It’s perfect for creating wings. I think everyone needs a brush like this in their collection! 


And last but not least is the E30 brow brush. Again, not a big fan of double ended brushes but I do really like this one. On one end you have a really small angle brush, perfect for creating sharp brows, and the on the other end you have a spoolie, (is that how you spell that?) perfect for brushing out the brows and creating that faded look that everyone is after right now. 

So all and all I love this brush set, a seriously beautiful present from my mam and sister, thank you to them! 

It’s a perfect set for beginners, I myself have used the Real Techniques brushes and while they are good quality, these are better and work out more or less the same price per brush anyway.

I’ve washed them and they don’t shed. They also retain their shape really well. 

Here’s the link to them:

They currently retail for €89.99.

That was lengthy haha! Thanks for reading. I’ll have another outfit post up at the weekend. 



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