OOTD 15.08.15.

Helloooo again..

Here’s this weekends post!

Here’s a pretty simple outfit.. I’ve always loved the top/shorts/tights combo. I’m sure you could probably find some dodgy pics of me rocking it about 6 years ago as well – hopefully it’s looking a bit better these days! 

This cut off sleeve top is from Missguided. It was a gift so I don’t know how much it cost! (Special thanks to Sarah, Liv and of course Jim – love ye xoxo) If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I have a halter top with this moon motif on it too, I think it’s really cool. It’s got this sort of acid wash effect that gives a really grungey vibe – lets just say my friends know me verrrrry well! 

I paired it with these acid wash (again) shorts from Missguided (again haha). They were in and around €25 as far as I can remember! I got them last summer. They’re a little toooooo short for my liking but oh well! 

And the Docs make another appearance, seriously if you don’t have a pair go buy some. I wear them all the time!!! 

I threw on this faux leather jacket from Penny’s/Primark. It’s always handy to have a leather jacket in your wardrobe in my opinion – they go with almost everything and add edge to any outfit. This one was around the €30 mark. I’m actually on the lookout for a new one with black hardware if anyone has any reccommendations!

My mam and dad got me these gold hoops for my birthday (if they were white gold I could throw in a mean girls reference here but alas) so I finally switched my earrings around a bit! I don’t particularly like silver earrings, gold has always been my preference. I’ve actually only had my ears pierced for 6 months now and I need more. 

That’s all guys! Thanks again for reading! I hit 7000 followers on Instagram this week which is a but insane to comprehend!!!

I’ve received so much kind support since I started this and I’m seriously loving it! Thank you so so much again!

More soon,



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