Hey all!

First of all, apologies for my lack of content in the past week or so.. I’ve had an insanely busy time. I had my birthday, a local bloggers event, (keep an eye out for a little giveaway!) my birthday party (props to all my v good friends for attending) and just last night I made the trip to Belfast with my friends Sarah and Olivia to see the one and only Hozier! (yes he’s amazing, yes I want to marry him.)
 So with preparing for what was a huge weekend from Friday – Tuesday and actually surviving the weekend, I didn’t exactly have time to post! But I’ll be right back on track this week, so no worries.
So I said I’d show you all what I wore to belsonic. What with Electric Picnic coming up perhaps some of you will get a little festival inspo from this outfit. Hope you like!

There’s a lot of black going on here, not everyone’s thing but definitely mine. It’s the top that’s underneath that’s the statement piece. Anywayssss, the leather jacket is from Pennys/Primark. I got it about a year ago now and it cost around €30. It has gold hard wear which I like because most of my jewellery tends to be gold. 

My backpack is from Religion @ Asos and cost around €30 with a student discount. I needed a new one for college anyway and knew this one would go with everything I have. It’s suprisingly big as well – I don’t pack light and was able to fit everything in it for this trip! 


So this super cool halter neck top is from Nine Crows in Dublin. It’s a really cool vintage shop with lots of old and new reworked pieces. You can shop online at shopninecrows.com and their stuff is definitely value for money! I got this top during a 30% off sale they had on and it cost about €16. Some of you have probably seen it in my previous post so there’s more info on it there! 


Here you can see the open back on the top. I thought it would be a challenge to wear but it actually was really comfortable. And when the du came out in Belfast I was so glad with the outfit choice.


A huge thank you to my friend Madison for these amazing Levi 501‘s. As these were a gift I’m not sure how much they were and I won’t be linking them for the same reason, but Madison told me she got these on Littlewoods. I’ll get so much wear out of these and I’ve been lusting over them for a v v long time! I always wondered would they be what everyone makes them out to be and yes they are. Some of the most comfortable and best fitting shorts I’ve ever worn. If you’re debating over them, get them. 

As I’ve said many times haha, the belt is from New Look


Also got another ear piercing – my cartilage. For anyone who’s wondering. So far I’ve gotten most of my piercings done in Claire’s. Lobe piercings start at €15 and the cartilage started from €19. Pretty pricey, but you get a nice range of good quality earrings. They didn’t hurt at all and they give you a huge bottle of aftercare lotion and a 20% voucher for your next purchase, so I think it’s worth a little extra money. 

However, that’s all the piercings they will do, so I’ll have to find somewhere new to get the rest of my ear done. If anyone has any recommendations for a place to get piercings in Dublin, let me know! 

All the earrings pictured here are also from Claire’s.  

Here’s the main man Hozier himself. Seriously, if he’s playing near you, go and see him! It’s the best concert I’ve ever been too and it was well worth the journey from Waterford to Belfast. I loved every second of it. We were so close to the front too I literally thought I was going to faint when he came out hahahaha.   

And here’s me and my main gals! Thanks for making the trip with me Liv and Sarah, love you guys loads x
So that’s all, I’ll be back to my regular two posts a week now! 
Thanks so much for reading!



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