Here’s one for all you lucky people who are heading to Electric Picnic this weekend, or any other festival! 

I thought this outfit would be really easy and comfortable to throw on, and I think maybe the boots add something a little different to it!

My short Dungarees are from New Look and cost €30. I got these in the petite section, as any other dungarees I’ve tried on we’re too long or too big.. However I did size up in these and got a 10 instead of an 8 because I didn’t want them to be too tight around my legs! 

I was going to order them online but I think these are the kind of thing you should go into the shop and find the right size in.

I threw on this halter neck crop top underneath. It’s from Missguided and cost about €7. Absolute bargain and I’m in love with the motif on the front, I think it gives a really cool vibe..

If the weather permitted, like it didn’t when I shot these photos, I think the open back looks really cool! I wasn’t too sure about the halter neck and the dungarees but I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. 

If it’s raining though, I’ve seen some really cool clear raincoats on Nine Crows and Missguided, meaning you could be covered but still show off what you’re wearing! If I was headed to EP myself, I’d definitely pick one up.   

 I wore this choker my lovely gal Dearbhaile sent me for my birthday! She knows me too well, aliens are soooo my thing. This one is sort of a reflective purple and I’m in love with it. She got it at Claire’s


 I was all for doing something different with my hair for this post, but in all reality if you’re at a festival your hairs going to probably be a bit crazy from late nights, tents etc. haha so I just left it be again. 
Okay, so if you’re headed to a festival, especially in Ireland you could probably do with a good set of wellies/rain boots. I didn’t have any so I went for these faux leather knee highs from Boohoo instead! I actually think they turned out really well, and the platform in them would give a bit of height for seeing over crowds.. (small people problems) My sister got them for me for Christmas and I think they were about €40.


That’s all for today guys! I hope some of you could draw some inspiration from this.. And if any of you are headed to any sort of festival or concert, I’m v v jealous and have a brill time!

As always, thank you for reading and I’ll be posting again soon.



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