So today I have a little haul for you guys..

I’ve been picking up a few pieces now again, some of these were birthday presents, others I bought myself.

I said I’d shove them together to do a post today, I’ve mostly got t shirts here as I felt I needed a few more to add to my collection.

First up is this button down skirt from New Look. It’s actually from the kids section in size 13-14. (The benefits of being small!) It was €7 in a sale they had recently. I thought this would be nice for college paired with a jumper and sock knee socks! Couldn’t really leave it behind for that price either!

I wore these in a recent post, but said I’d throw them in here anyway. These gorgeous Levi 501‘s were a birthday present from my friend Madison. (Thanks again hehe.) I’d been wanting a pair for ages and I know I’ll get loads of wear out of them. I’d wear them out or during the day with a pair of tights.

The first of three T Shirts is this super cool Jaws tee from Pull&Bear. I got these in Belfast and it was around £12. They had loads of t shirts but I went with this one because it’s got a vintage, worn washed out vibe to it. Perfect to throw on over a pair of jeans. I’m already getting looooooads of wear out of it!

Completely fan girling here yep.. I’m sure you know I went to see Hozier recently and I picked this up after the concert as something to remember it by, and it’s actually something I’d wear on a daily basis as well (because it’s black – duh). It was v v pricey at £20 but sure hey, did you really go to the concert unless you got a t shirt? Joking, but yeah I’m super happy I picked it up.

AHHHHH, I love this. My lovely friends Sarah, Olivia and Jim got me this beautiful Missguided playsuit for my birthday. As you can see it’s got these huge bell sleeves.. I just can’t describe how much I love it. It’s got major 70’s vibe going on. It’s also got this lace up detail all the way down the front that you can’t see in this picture. I’m saving it to wear to something special, I’m just not sure what yet, but I will write a post when I do! 

If like me, you’re an avid fan of Topshop’s Joni jeans, then you’re going to love these! So I said I’d get myself a new pair of jonis before I headed back to college, but then I spotted these on the Asos website. These are literally identical to the Topshop jeans. I even checked and they’re made out of the same materials in the same proportions. Jonis can set you back a good €50, but these were only €16 in a recent Asos sale! 

I was hesitant at first, because I love my Jonis that much, but said I’d give them a go anyway and I’m so glad I did. They also come in way nicer colours/patterns than the Topshop ones. These were in limited stock and sizes, but they were in my size (W26 L32) so check them out if you’re the same size as me! 

Last but not least is another gift form Sarah, Liv and Jim! (Major apologies for the wrinkles – the iron has given up on us.) If you know me well, you’ll know I’m a big 90’s/00’s music fan and this spice girls inspired tee made me laugh when I opened it. It’s really oversized so I love throwing it on over black leggings for a really laid back look. 

That’s all for today! Sorry for the lack of prices on some of the pieces. As they were presents I didn’t want to go searching for prices!

As always, thank you so much for reading!



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