Im back!

Apologies for my lack of content recently. I was at a wedding at the weekend and just didn’t have the time to take pictures or post.. Sorry about that!

So today I’m going to do a little review of an amazing palette – the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette!

I’d seen lots of pictures of this on Instagram and decided I needed to have it. I’m not a huge eye shadow hoarder and usually stick to my tried and tests Naked Palette, but thought this would be perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Just look at it…

As you can see it’s had a fair bit of use since I got it on my birthday (Thank you Kyle!) It’s an almost even mix of mattes and shimmers, a problem that I have with the naked palette – too many shimmers! 

Bitter Start – a perfect base colour for all over the lid.

Sweeter End – a champagne pink colour, really nice for a natural look.

Pure Ganache – Love this! Just a simple gold.. I always put this on the inner corner 

Substitute For Love – this is a definite orange/tan colour, goes so so so well with blue eyes.

Warm Notes – basically the reason I wanted this palette, LOOK AT IT! Beautiful all over the lid colour for autumn

Subtle Blend – I haven’t really gotten around to using this one yet, but still gorgeous!

Freshly Toasted – a beautiful crease colour, I use it with substitute for love and pure ganache for a perfect everyday look.

Infusion – is what it says, a dark black infused with gold shimmer. Amazing for a smokey eye. 

Beans Are White – oh the irony.. A staple. Everyone needs a matte black in their life.

Delicate Acidity – I don’t usually go for purples, but this one is actually really subtle. Paired with the matte black you can make a really nice smokey eye. 

And here’s the swatches on my arm. From bottom to top on my arm, and left to right on the palette! 

All in all, my favourite palette of all time. The pigmentation is amazing, they’re so easy to blend and what I love most is you could pair almost every colour in the palette together. I don’t use a primer and they last all day too. 

My only critiques are that there’s no matte brown, but not to worry as I have a few. There’s also no mirror.. I can’t really decided if I like that or not but at only €22 for 10 shadows, you can’t really go wrong! 

Here’s a link to the product on beauty bay: http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/zoeva/cocoablendpalette/

It’s currently out of stock but should be restocked soon!

5 stars for this palette – you need it in your life.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading.



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