How are you?

Haha okay, it’s been a while. 

Firstly, apologies for going awol..

I’m not sure what to say really, I couldn’t keep up with the blog for personal reasons, and college got a bit on top of me. Second year is definitely a lot harder.

But it’s safe to say I missed writing here! That’s why I’m back. As one of my New Years resolutions I am intent on posting once a week. I don’t want to commit to any more than that as I’m not sure I could keep up with my college work and post more often than that at the same time. 

HOWEVER, you could catch me on Instagram and Twitter a lot more often if you’d like.. My username is lauraawhelann on both. 

OKAY! Enough of the boring stuff, let’s talk about clothes..

Little disclaimer.. I wanted this to be a sales post, but I honestly couldn’t find enough that I liked to make a detailed post, so some of these are non sale items, but amazing and affordable at the same time. 


This beautiful lace and velvet dress from Urban Outfitters is just £33, which is 50% off the non sale price. 

I’m sort of dying to buy this. I feel like I don’t have enough skirts.. (Ha) This a line denim skirt with zip detail is half price again at just £18.

I looooove this ripped denim shift dress. Easy to dress for summer or winter by throwing on some tights or going bare legged.. It’s reduced from £39 to £23.

Tola Vintage is one of my favourite shops in Dublin, definitely check them out if you’re up there shopping. 

This gingham two-piece is pretty unusual, and not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m weak for anything green. 

It’s €50 for both pieces, or €25 a piece. 

Another two piece, but I really prefer the skirt in this one. The site describes it as a line and it’s on sale now for €25.

This reworked denim top is also v cool. It’s €25 as well and would go with a million things,  you could even give double denim a go with a pair of mom jeans or something like that. 


Nine Crows is another one of my favourite shops in Dublin, you’ll find them on Capel Street on the north side of the quay. 
I really like this denim dress, I figure you could throw a turtle neck over it while it’s still Baltic here in Ireland.. It’s on sale for €35.


Now this is my kinda New Year’s Eve dress.. I love the corset detailing on the back and the high neck tie at the front.. I actually tried on a similar dress in topshop without the detail on the back for a similar price, but this is a lot more unique. It goes for €45.

I also thought this floral playsuit was really cute, and pairing it with the biker boots really roughened it up. It’s on sale for €35



I have a mad love for pinafores these days. I have two from topshop already but I’m already dying to buy this one. Why do I have to be broke? It costs €57.. Ugh, as if.
(If you didn’t get that Clueless reference.. I’m very disappointed.) 

I love this casual boxy shirt. I actually spotted it in the Stephen’s Green shop the other day and it’s a really thick material. I think it’d be cool to put a dark hoody on underneath.. Or on cold days it’d be every nice to throw on under a big knit to have the collar showing. It’s €44.

And last but not least is this stripy dress.. I promised myself to throw more colour into my wardrobe this year, and this is as far as I’m willing to venture really. (Except for anything green, as aforementioned.) It costs €46.

That’s it!

Most places I saw we’re offering up to 50% percent off, so have a thrall through if you’re bored and feeling that food coma.. I’d also recommend asos’ sale and of the above, I think Urban Outfitters came out tops!

Thanks for reading, and I promise to not disappear again! 



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