REVIEW: UD | Gwen Stephani Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys!

So my lovely sister got me this palette for Christmas and I was sooo excited to use it once I opened it! 

The palette comes with 15 eyeshadows, 12 of which are exclusive to this palette and 3 are from the UD eyeshadow range. So it’s definitely one for the collectors out there! 

Firstly can we talk about the packaging? Now I’m not one to dwell too much on how the products packaging looks, as long as the product itself does it’s job, but look at this.

I’m weak for gold hardware, and the black and white detailing gives an all round classy effect. UD say Gwen helped to design the case, and props to her if she did because I’m seriously impressed.

It’s also worth pointing out it’s a really sturdy box – it has a magnetic clasp and is quite think so you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadows getting damaged while travelling! 

So then you open it up, and it has a huge mirror. So handy to have on the go. One thing I really like with this palette is that there’s no wasted space. Everything has its space and it’s no bigger than it needs to be.

Here’s a close up of the shadows! 

As you can see the first two rows are made up of really nice neutral shades. I’m all for neutrals because I feel like everyone – no matter what your ability, can use them to make a nice look. 

The last row is made up of “jewel” tones which make this palette different to the Naked palettes. I thought that was a nice touch/good selling point for UD because I’m sure lots of us already own at least one Naked palette. 

Okay, so the important part – swatches!

Please excuse the goosebumps on my arm.. When is it going to get warm again? 

Now I do have one negative thing I would like to point out.. While the shadows look very different in the pan, some of them are very similar when swatched. Take a look at steady and baby, both very similar rose gold tones, both shimmery. I think it would be better if there was a bigger differentiation between shades. 

Anyway, not to dwell too much on that there’s still a huge selection of eyeshadows, matte shimmer and satin, and there’s countless looks you could make with the 15 of these! 

My personal favourites in this palette are punk, pop and zone! I’ve never really seen an eyeshadow like punk – it’s a dark brown/burgundy shade and perfect to blend into the crease. I feel like I can use this palette in conjunction with other palettes too which is always really important!

I think we can nearly all agree that Urban Decay are up there at the top when it comes to eyeshadow. Their pigmentation never fails and the shadows are always long lasting, even without a primer! Another top palette from UD again in my opinion! 

Here’s UD’s description from their website. I thought some of you might find it helpful/interesting to read. You can shop the product at Debenhams here in Ireland. It retails at €46 with free delivery!

Here are some looks I did myself with the palette. I’m by no means a makeup artist or don’t claim to be one but it was definitely fun to play around with! 


I think that’s everything! Such a nice gift and I would definitely recommend this palette if you’re on the lookout or just feel like treating yourself.

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all have a wonderful 2016.

Laura x




One thought on “REVIEW: UD | Gwen Stephani Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Love the review very detailed ! Do the shimmery eyeshadows have a high fall out? and did you find the mattes to be easy to blend?


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