Hi guys! 

So today I said I’d just give a little overview of the piercings I have.

Now, I don’t have anything crazy..

I have 4 lobe piercings, one cartilage piercing and my nose pierced. So the nose is as adventurous as I’ve been! 

I’m going to rate how painful they were out of 10, whether I had them done with a needle/gun and where I got them done.

I also have this funny thing where I bring a different friend every time I get one done – sort of like a charm bracelet but with holes in my ear lol.

Aaaaaand also! I didn’t have anything pierced before February last year, so I’ve gotten them all done in the last year. 

Okay so here goes!

So in my right ear is where I have them all. 


  • First lobe piercing – so these are the ones everyone gets done as a child, but I decided to wait until I was 19 haha. I got them done in Claire’s and they cost about €30. I’m not good with pain at all but I would rate them at about 5/10. They were done with a gun as well. 
  • Second lobe piercing – Again, I had this one done in Claire’s and it cost about €15. Same things really, about a 5/10 and it was done with a gun.
  • Third lobe piercing – I had this one done in Something Funky Tattoo Parlour in Dungarvan, Waterford. It was also €15. I was apprehensive about this one as it was the first one I was getting done with a needle, but it actually hurt less! Definitely like 4/10. I will say I found this one a little harder to maintain afterward and couldn’t change the earring for a long time, I’m not sure if it was because of the place its in or the needle or maybe a just didn’t look after it as well as I should have but its okay now! 
  • Cartilage – Now, I did want to get this done with a needle again because I’ve heard horror stories about guns and cartilage… But I found myself bored and with some extra time in Waterford one day so I went for it anyway. Again, I got it done in Claire’s and it was €20. It was a bit more painful and I’d definitely give it a 6/10. It was again, done with a gun. 
  • Nose – I had wanted to get my nose done for so so long but was waaaaay to scared, but at the start of the college year I just went for it with my friend Kristina. To say I was scared was an understatement. I got it done in Wildcat Ink in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. It was €26, which I thought was a really good price as well.  It was done with a needle. Now, I’m sorry but this was the most painful thing ever. I don’t want to put anyone off getting it done because it is only sore for the 5 seconds it’s being done but I don’t want to be misleading either. It was definitely like 8/10 pain wise. But I do love it now! 

So that’s all of them!  
I do want to get more done on my ear. Jess from sunbeamsjess on YouTube is like my inspiration for piercings. 

So I do plan on getting the rest of my cartilage done and maybe my tragus as well, but not for another while! 

Just a quick side note – piercing law has changed in Ireland as far as I know and you have to be over 18 and have proof of being over 18 when you go to get any type of piercing.

If you are not over 18 then you have to bring a parent/guardian with you who has proof they are over 18 and that they are your parent/guardian.

I think that’s everything!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully my next post will be another outfit of the day! 

Laura x


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