OOTD 15.01.16


Here’s a really quick one for you guys.

I’ve been pretty busy with reuniting with my friends over the past week so here’s a little snippet of what I wore one of the nights! 

It’s very monochrome. So we just met up for a few drinks and cards against humanity so it’s pretty casual! This top is from River Island (shoutout to my pal Dearbhaile because it’s actually hers – having a roomie the same size as you is great.

I also finally got my hair chopped! It’s still long, but pretty blunt now too. It was well overdue and I’d say they good a good 2-3 inches off. 

I was in Dundrum Shopping Centre on Friday and decided to do a bit of window shopping.. Which always turns into buying something.. And I got this 70s style button down skirt. Now I have one of these in a light wash denim but it’s from New Look kids section and just doesn’t feel as nice as this one! This was the last size small left so it was kind of fate. It’s from Pull&Bear and cost €10 in the sale! I’d been looking at similar pieces in Topshop and the likes for like, €50 so thought this was a real money saver! It’s very me as well. 

This choker is from Claire’s and cost about €5. Just another one to add to the collection. I particularly liked the stone in this one as I felt it added a bit of colour without being over powering. (Forever afraid of colour!) 

I actually have two pairs of tights on here because I like the look it gives. I don’t know whether or not to call these fishnets? They have larger holes than fishnets so I’m not sure.. Anyway, I have a pair of sheer black tights on underneath these so it doesn’t show too much skin. They’re from Penny’s/Primark and cost about €3. I think tights like these are a really good way to add something different to a plain outfit. 

And also, my new babies, whom I love ever so much, are these comic book party style Doc Martens. I love them. They’re so different and again with an outfit so plain they definitely add something interesting. I’m particularly fond of these because both boots are actually different if you look closely. Thanks to mam and dad for this lovely Christmas present – they’re from Schuh and cost €156.

I think that’s everything! Thank you to my lovely friend Kristina for being my photographer and thank you to The Pav in trinity for providing my shooting space – bathroom selfies are always a must.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Laura x


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