OOTD 06.02.16.

Heyyyyyy friendsssss..

How is everyone?

This week’s post is another outfit I wear on a regular basis.. A very regular basis.



I think a lot of my friends know this Topshop chord pinafore as like my absolute go to. They’re right too because I LOVE IT.

 This is literally one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I’d say I wear it once a week without a doubt! 

It’s still on the Topshop website so you can find it here: 


It cost €52.


I even love this outfit so much I had an illustration done based on it, down to the necklace and all! This illustration was kindly done by knicolevossen on Instagram and it’s one of my favourite things in the world. 


Underneath I threw on a high neck knit jumper from New Look. I love this jumper because it’s really basic, goes with everything and keeps you super warm at this time of year! In the summer I’d pair this pinafore with a black crop top or something along those lines. This jumper was €8. 


The pinafore also has really cute back pockets. That’s why I love Topshop, they never skimp on the details and I feel those minor things can really make a piece! 
Here you can see the chord detailing up close. Also my trusty moon and star necklace from Claire’s is here again. I wear it all the time.. It’s so like, witchy. It cost €5.

ALSO, how handy are these little pouch pockets on the front of pinafores? I never lose my keys when I have this on.. Lol.




These thigh high suede boots are from Depop. They cost €30. I think they’re originally from River Island. I love pairing different materials with each other, like the suede and the chord because it adds texture to an outfit without being overbearing! 

This is definitely my favourite outfit post I’ve ever done. I’m just a literal pinafore addict. If you don’t have one – go get one! I promise you’ll fall in love.

Have a happy weekend, and thank you for reading!

Laura x



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