I am dead.

When are they going to find the miracle cure for a hangover? 

Last night I went to Trinity College’s Science Ball, and as ball season is in full swing I said I’d show you guys what I wore because it was a bit of a special occasion and a great reason to get dressed up!

My dark green plunge dress is from Missguided. I absolutely loved it. And I loved it even more because it ONLY COST €18! It was on sale on the Missguided website, and I had a 25% student discount so I was so so delighted with it. 

It was so easy to wear because the loose skirt falls really nicely over your middle. The top was a bit loose haha.. I had to buy tape to keep it on but I think I managed okay! 

I would definitely size down in these kind of dresses from Missguided. Saying that, I am fairly petite. I got a size 6 and it was still pretty loose, but always best to look at their size guides! 

My pointed nude heels are from Primark/Pennys and cost €16. I didn’t last long in them but they did go really nicely with the dress and I’ll definitely be wearing them again! You can’t really go wrong with a nude shoe and these are a really good pair for the price. 

I picked them up only about a week ago on Mary Street so they’re still available! 

The back of the dress had really nice strap detailing as well. I sort of wished I was one for wearing my hair up so I could have shown this off but nonetheless it’s still a gorgeous dress. 

My earrings are from Primark/Pennys as well and cost €4. I think they gave a really classy effect and they weren’t heavy or uncomfortable to wear.

The only other accessory I wore was this Micheal Kors bracelet. I got this as a gift for my 19th birthday and it’s a really simple way to add a little something more to an outfit! 

That’s pretty much it guys! I’ll leave you with some more pictures of me and all of my favourite people. 

If you’re headed to a ball yourself, enjoy getting dressed up and have a fab night!

As always, thanks for reading.

Laura x 



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