OOTD 14.03.16.

Hi guys!
Sorry for how late this post is – I had a super busy and fun weekend with friends so only got around to it today.
This is one of my favourite types of outfits to wear – with the majority of it being from Penny’s/Primark! 

You can get the whole outfit for approx €30! What more could you want? 





My button down denim skirt was just €12 from Penny’s. 

I only bought it on Saturday and had to put it in a post as soon as I could. I have two other skirts in this style and I won’t stop buying them anytime soon!

I love this one because it’s sooooo blue.   

My white T Shirt is from the men’s section in Penny’s and is a size medium. It was only about €3.

My black string top is also from Penny’s and cost about €2.50.
I seriously recommend layering – it’s a great way to make plain pieces stand out together. 

My patent Oxford shoes are from New Looks 915 section and cost €12. 


Did this look seem familiar? Had you seen it before? – of course you have! It was inspired by Cher from Clueless in all her gym class glory.


I also wore my beloved necklace from Magne @ Lucy’s Lounge. It’s a staple for me these days. 

This all from me today – hope you enjoyed this post!

Oh, and have you entered my giveaway? It’s on my Instagram “lauraawhelann” and my Facebook “Style & Prejudice” now! Be sure to check it out.

Thank you for reading,

Laura x


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