Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so absent, I had a super stressful week in college and was exhausted from my weekend away in Galway! 

I said I’d do something a little different this week – my wardrobe essentials!

I often have people ask me where I get the inspiration for outfits and really I just look at clothing websites, see what I like on someone else, or draw inspiration from movies! 

I always say, start with the basics, so whatever the basics to your dream wardrobe are, go with them first. 

Basics to me are pieces that will last a long time and pair well with lots of other pieces! 

A newbie to my wardrobe is the button down skirt! I have three now.. 

Pennys recently started stocking these and I’d totally recommend you get them there. 

They go great with any type of top and you can always throw on a pair of tights if it’s cold! 

I’d like to self declare myself the pinafore queen. I WOULD BUY THEM ALL.

 Topshop is my favourite place to get them as their petite section fits me well. 

Throw on any top underneath one and you look instantly put together!


Lots and lots of big baggy vintage jumpers, you can’t go wrong. 

A striped tee is essential in my opinion. I don’t really have a reason – they’re just handy to throw on. 

Shorts shorts shorts. I’ve been rocking shorts and tights since 09′ and I’m not stopping anytime soon. 

Pair them with the aforementioned T shirt or jumper and you’re ready to go! 

Docs. That is all. 

Polo neck tops, or anything high neck for that matter are a favourite of mine. 

They’re warm, they look put together – I wear them with my pinafores and skirts! 

An oversized denim jacket is your best friend. I use mine as more of a coat and it just makes each outfit look effortlessly grunge. 

Vintage shirts! So effortless and comfy. 

I looooove my black mom jeans from Topshop. Got them on depop for €18.. Bargain!

All mom jeans are great, but I feel like black ones are a little different to the typical light wash ones. 

Dungarees? Yes pleaseeeeee. Oh so 90s and fun. Some people say the baggier the better – I like mine more of a tight fit. You’ll even find them in the Kendal and Kylie Kollection. 

TIGHTS IN GENERAL – fishnets, sheer, opaque.. Whatever! Go to Pennys/Primark and stock up. 

I do love my fishnets though – if them on their own is too daring for you then throw a pair of sheer tights on underneath for a more textured look. 

I. Love. Over. The. Knee. Socks.

I get mine in h&m and they make your legs look super long and you look so preppy! 

A beanie for bad hair days, obviously. 

Chokers – thousands of them! Claire’s do a great range. 

You can’t go wrong with a super high waisted pair of black jeans.

Check out Topshops Joni jeans.

Wear them during the day, wear them at night, wear em all the time. 

I love clueless. I love Cher. I want to be her. So I always go for the black tank white tee combo she wore in the P.E. scene. Classic.

So those are my essentials! Probably different to the typical essentials you’d see but oh well! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, and got some inspiration from this!

Until next week,

Laura x


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