How’s everyone?

This week I have a super exciting blog post! I shot a lookbook this week for Lucy’s Lounge!

You can find Lucy’s at 11 Fownes Street Upper, Dublin 2.


I’ve always loved vintage/thrift shops and Lucy’s epitomises the concept.

You’d have to be blind to miss it! That’s what first drew me to Lucy’s, the whole aesthetic. How could you not go in?

The first look is this oversized psychedelic rainbow hoody  and round reflective sunglasses.

This hoody reminds me of something you’d see on UNIF and would be the perfect cover up for any festival.

It’s knitted and super warm as well and the hood is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. Throw this on with a pair of shorts and tights and you’re good to go!

I personally fell in love with the sunglasses – look how coooool they are! Im seriously considering picking them up myself.


Look number two consists of this pink 70’s inspired shirt and check skirt.

I have a real thing for all things pink at the moment and picked this shirt up as soon as I spotted it.

I liked the skirt too, there was something quite 90s about it and it had this little slit at the side as well. It was also high waisted but you can’t see that here! It would have looked gorgeous with a white crop top too.



Look number three was very me – definitely something I’d wear on a regular basis.

I reeeeeally loved this oversized Wrangler denim jacket. Jackets like this are such a staple and are something handy to have coming into this time of the year, when it gets too warm for your regular coat. Lucy’s have a whole range of them so there’s plenty to choose from!

I’m definitely going to pick up one of these skirts. My friend Derv has one like this from Urban Outfitters that probably cost a fortune and I found this one to be just as good!

I have a thing for tartan skirts and when you put them on with a pair of over the knee socks… SO GOOD!


Look number 4 is my favourite.

I nearly keeled over and died when I tried on this oversized green and black shirt. I don’t even want to call it a shirt because it was more of a jacket it was so thick and COSY.

I had my black levis on under this – so don’t worry I wasn’t walking around with no pants on.. I think the whole oversized thing looks so effortless though, definitely my number 1 piece from this lookbook.

I just want to thank everyone over at Lucy’s for giving me the opportunity to shoot for them – I had so much fun doing it!

Working closely with some of my favourite shops is something i’ve always wanted to do – and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you lovely people who read my blog and follow my social media – so thank you!

Lucy’s kindly gave me a €30 voucher to give away to you guys as well so look out for that on my Facebook “Style & Prejudice”

That’s all for this week, special thanks to all at Lucy’s Lounge for working with me!

Until next week,

Laura x




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