Helloooooo everyone!

If you follow me on Snapchat – lauralikesalot – then you’ll know I went to Trinity Ball last night! 

I had the most amazing time EVER. The highlights for me we’re definitely The Kooks & Wyvern Lingo. If anyone who followers me here went I hope you had a brill time as well – despite the freezing cold! 


My two piece – yes it’s a two piece not a dress I’m just very very small.. Is from Depop! It’s originally from Missguided and cost me only €20 and came with tags on! 

I honestly never felt more “me” in my life is when I wore this and I’m not even sure why. It was just so colourful and bright and I’d never seen anything like it before. 

It was a pretty tight fit despite being an 8 I must say but I think it’s just because the material had zero stretch in it. 

I wore my docs because I knew I’d be on my feet all night long and it was like, the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I also wore a pair of fishnets with this to make it look a bit edgier and to not have my legs completely bare. 

As you can see it also had an open back which was a really nice detail and forced me to wear my hair up for once! 

My fab friend Kris is here with me in this pic – happy 20th birthday Kris! 

I must say that the College itself looked amazing and the atmosphere was absolutely unbelievable. 

I said I’d go all out with the purple them I had going on. 

The eyeshadows I used were either Urban Decay and Zoeva, and a bit of glitter from Claire’s! 

My purple hair is also curtesy of Claire’s- it’s pastel hair spray and cost about €5!

That’s all from me for this week, thank you to everyone who made last night such a memorable night, I’ll never forget it.

Laura x


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