OOTD – 24.05.16.

Hi guys!

Sorry for my absence, I had a lot of exams to get through… But I made it!

Here’s a very short outfit post shot by my lovely mam.. She demanded someone take photos with the blossoms so I said why not me!

So this playsuit is from Missguided. It was a gift for my birthday! (Thanks to Sarah Jim and Liv!) it has gorgeous bell sleeves and a tie up front. 

It’s got this really loose boho feel that verges on the witchy side of things – which is why I loooove it! 

I wear this out when I’m not exactly feeling confident enough for that bodycon if you know what I mean and it’s perfect. 

I paired it with my over the knee River Island suede boots to add some height (am I ever going to grow?) and to dress it up a bit! 

I know that was super short – I’ve just left college to go back to work and I’m still finding my feet.

I have huge aims for my blog over the summer that I am determined to reach. There will be loads more from me over the coming weeks and I have some pretty big ideas!

As always, thank you for reading!

Until next time,

Laura x


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