Hope everyone had a wonderful Black Friday and bought themselves loads of nice things (I’m looking at you Kristina Borcea)!

I actually wore this look with a different jumper during the week and decided I really liked it. Thing is – It’s freezing in Dublin at the moment, and even under my giant parka I find myself wearing jackets. Hence, this double denim thing sort of happened.

Now some say never do it (Hi mam), but I decided to roll with it because my fab friend Derv managed to pull it off!

So I hope you like the look! I will try to link any pieces that are still available, or at least something similar!


My jacket is from Bershka and is the best fitting denim jacket I have EVER owned. You can find something similar here. – This one is from the mens section, as was mine. I got a size XS!


These mom jeans are from Topshop! You’ve seen them on here before, so yeah I’m an outfit repeater.. You can find something similar here. I personally think it’s easier to pull off double denim if you use various shades. That’s why the strip in these jeans is so handy.. Sadly they’re from last season at Topshop. However, not to worry as there are lots of patchwork jeans on the site, just shop denim!


My hair is all mine haha, I often get people asking me if I have extensions. My best tip for growing long hair is to avoid heat as much as possible – That’s all I do!


My boots are my trust blue metallic Doc Martens. These go so well with blue denim and they’re a little bit different from your typical black ones. You can find all kinds of Docs here at Schuh.


Lastly my jumper is from Gap and it’s SO SOFT. I like to buy jumpers on sale in Gap, as full price they’re a bit pricy. This was only €20 back in September. I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like one of the kids, or maybe Nancy from Stranger Things with this on, it just gives me these kinda 80s vibes.


Also here’s a pic of Trinity looking fab yesterday shot by the renowned photographer Jo-sef. Very Fancy.


That’s all for now, I have another post coming up mid week so watch out for that one!

Thank you for reading!

Laura x


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