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Here’s a short post on my top Christmas picks this year! These are all available online right now – just follow the link! I think any of these fashion or beauty pieces would make beautiful presents – or even treat yourself!


Cream Fur Coat


Red Cord Skirt


Khaki Jacket


Cream Jacket


Button Down Skirt


PU Zip Through Skirt


Embroidered Skirt


Grey Knit Jumper


Velvet Ankle Boots


Aviator Jacket


Nike Air Force 1


Timberland Boots


Black Fur Bomber


Puffer Jacket


Knit Sweater


Knit Landscape Sweater


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick


Morphe Palette


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


Kat Von D Shade And Light Palette


Nima Build It Up Brush Kit


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze And Glow


Inglot What A Spice Eyeshadow Collection


The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes


The Balm Mary-Loumanizer


Thanks so much for having a look!

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OOTD 1.12.16. – BLUSH PINK

Hey all!

Back again with another outfit post.. as always links to (similar) pieces will be placed throughout the post! 

Hope you enjoy this one it’s a personal favourite of mine.

P.S. Thanks to Derv for letting me borrow this jacket!







This oversized leather jacket is from Asos. It’s suuuuper heavy and warm so perfect for this time of year! Shop similar here.







This oversized hoody dress is a new purchase! This blush pink colour is everywhere right now and this was just €15! It’s really cosy and comfortable and you can get it here.





Lastly, my shoes were gifted to me by the lovely people at Korky’s. They’re the 1460 Doc Martens and you can get them here.

As always, thanks for reading! 

Keep an eye out for my Christmas gift guide this week too!

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Back again, but this post is a bit sad.

Share this post if you too are a broke student and had to get someone to tie you down and take away your bank card on Black Friday and over the weekend, cos that’s me.

So here’s a little visual of my Black Friday wishlist – Enjoy!

Topshop Backpack


Topshop Clutch



Topshop Jumper


Topshop Parka


Missguided Jeans


Missguided Leggings


Missguided Suede Jacket


Missguided Coat – Personal Fav!



Pull&Bear Denim Jacket – Another top pick of mine!


Nike Runners


That’s all until Sunday!

Laura x




Hope everyone had a wonderful Black Friday and bought themselves loads of nice things (I’m looking at you Kristina Borcea)!

I actually wore this look with a different jumper during the week and decided I really liked it. Thing is – It’s freezing in Dublin at the moment, and even under my giant parka I find myself wearing jackets. Hence, this double denim thing sort of happened.

Now some say never do it (Hi mam), but I decided to roll with it because my fab friend Derv managed to pull it off!

So I hope you like the look! I will try to link any pieces that are still available, or at least something similar!


My jacket is from Bershka and is the best fitting denim jacket I have EVER owned. You can find something similar here. – This one is from the mens section, as was mine. I got a size XS!


These mom jeans are from Topshop! You’ve seen them on here before, so yeah I’m an outfit repeater.. You can find something similar here. I personally think it’s easier to pull off double denim if you use various shades. That’s why the strip in these jeans is so handy.. Sadly they’re from last season at Topshop. However, not to worry as there are lots of patchwork jeans on the site, just shop denim!


My hair is all mine haha, I often get people asking me if I have extensions. My best tip for growing long hair is to avoid heat as much as possible – That’s all I do!


My boots are my trust blue metallic Doc Martens. These go so well with blue denim and they’re a little bit different from your typical black ones. You can find all kinds of Docs here at Schuh.


Lastly my jumper is from Gap and it’s SO SOFT. I like to buy jumpers on sale in Gap, as full price they’re a bit pricy. This was only €20 back in September. I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like one of the kids, or maybe Nancy from Stranger Things with this on, it just gives me these kinda 80s vibes.


Also here’s a pic of Trinity looking fab yesterday shot by the renowned photographer Jo-sef. Very Fancy.


That’s all for now, I have another post coming up mid week so watch out for that one!

Thank you for reading!

Laura x



Hi everyone!

Finally I’m writing this review. Nima brushes kindly sent me these brushes a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to really use them before I wrote about them. I thought that way I could really give my most informed and honest opinion!

I’ll get straight into the review now! The first set that was sent to me was The Elite Face Detail Set, the first 5 brushes in this post.

“Our new Face Detail Set from the Elite Collection now contains 5 Kabuki brushes for your every need. Each brush is made from Taklon Synthetic fibers which can be used for cream/liquid or powder products. Each brush is made from non-porous fibers which doesn’t absorb any of the products you use resulting is less waste. These brushes are designed to bounce back into shape no matter how much pressure is applied, especially after being washed.” This is taken directly from their website.

I can certainly agree with what they have said here. I’ve washed the brushes multiple times and they’re as good as new. Bearing in mind, I haven’t had them for that long. However to me it looks as if they’re going to stand the test of time. They also don’t show any wear on the handles.


Now to talk about each brush.


“Tapered Fluffy Kabuki – Use this brush to apply foundation, powder, blush, or highlighter onto the upper contours of the face for a glowing complexion. Simply roll the brush into color and sweep in a circular motion onto desired area and blend for a flawless look.” 

I use this brush to apply my bronzer and it does a really nice job. It picks up just the right about of product, and doesn’t leave the application looking patchy. It’s also not TOO big. Some powder brushes are overwhelming, but not this one!


“Round Head Kabuki – working on the round head of the brush use this to buff powder or mineral powder foundation effortlessly into the skin. This brush is supper efficient at applying a full coverage, glowing finish.” 

I use this brush to apply my powder foundation and it is perfect! It is THE PERFECT size. It’s also really fluffy so it doesn’t make the powder look cakey at all. It applies a thin veil, whilst giving high coverage, the perfect combo.


Precision kabuki – working with the tip and the sides of the brush use this to apply powder to the small areas of the face, use the side of the brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks or use the tip to apply precision shading to the contour of the cheekbones.”

I use this as a contour brush. I like to apply my base contour with another brush, and then blend out with this one. I use powder contour but I imagine that this would be perfect for cream contour. You can lightly apply the contour and apply more pressure to blend out. It’s very similar to a real techniques one I had before, however it is much softer so does a better job of blending.



“Flat Head Kabuki – working on the flat head of the brush use this to buff liquid foundation effortlessly into the skin. This brush is super fast at applying a full coverage, flawless finish.”

This is hands down my favourite brush of the bunch! It’s so dense. It’s perfect for applying and blending concealer or cream highlight. My only criticism is that I wish it were bigger. I would love a brush like this for achieving high coverage foundation, but with a brush this small it takes too long. – EDIT I have just been informed that Nima do a larger flat kabuki brush – I will for sure have to invest if it’s anything like this one! 


This is an AMAZING blush and highlight brush. It’s so fluffy, that it’s hard to ever apply too much product. I think it’s the perfect dupe for the Mac 168. I’ve actually never had a brush like this in my collection, as a found it hard to find one that was affordable – but here it is!


“The Fuzz is a large shader brush made from extremely soft Sable hair. This brush is absolutely perfect for applying eyeshadow across the eyelid. The tip of the Fuzz is also great for applying a transition colour into the socket of the eye and for softly smudging colour under the eye. Using the flat side of the brush, simply pat the eyeshadow onto the lid, and use the tip and a window wiper motion to apply a transtion shade in the crease.”

Perfect brush for packing eyeshadow onto the lid. That’s all that needs to be said really. Always handy to have a few of these. – shop here.


“The Donna is a beautifully tapered blending brush handmade from brushed goat hair. Use this brush to apply shadow to the socket line of the eye and also to quickly and seamlessly diffuse out shadow for a perfectly blended finish. The Donna is the perfect blending brush to have in your kit. Using a circular motion will buff out any harsh lines of eye shadow to create that perfect seamless smokey eye.”

This is a perfect dupe for the Mac 217. Your standard blending brush. Also great to have a couple of these in your kit – you can never blend enough! – shop here.

So that’s my review! Would I recommend these brushes? Yes, if you’re looking to start your brush collection I think they would be perfect, or if you’re looking to expand your collection I think The Elite Face kit has some really unique brushes, and dupes of far more expensive one. They’re affordable, not to forget gorgeous. The white handles on the set are so sleek and perfect paired with the brown metallic heads. Of course, the duck egg blue colour is now synonymous with Nima! I’m seeing it everywhere!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that it was helpful. Again, thank you to Nima! I will definitely be picking up some more. Niamh, you are an inspiration! Thank you for being such a girl boss!

Until next time,

Laura x


Helloooooo everyone!

I’ve been super lazy recently and what’s easier than throwing on a hoodie and a pair of leggings?

I saw this hoodie in H&M recently and it was exactly what I wanted – it’s super thick and it only cost €12.99! It looks far more expensive in my opinion.

Anyways, all links and details are at the end of the post – Enjoy!




Hoodie // H&M – shop here

Leggings // River Island – shop here (not the actual leggings but I think these would be nice!)

Shoes // Schuh/Addidas shop similar

Thank you for reading!

Laura x

OOTD 15.10.16.

Helloooooo everyone..


So yeah I went MIA again.. sorry!

Getting back into college is always a busy and stressful time for me! I find it hard to make time to do anything else but go to lectures and come home and sleep!

I have an awful cold at the moment, so please excuse my sick looking face haha.

This is just a super casual look but I was dying to do a post with my new superstars.

I’m also going to start to try and link similar items to what I’m wearing so that you can shop them if you like!

Hope you enjoyyyyyy..


Roll Neck Top – New Look Petite // Shop Similar

Denim Jacket – Bershka // Shop Similar


Choker – New Look // Shop Similar

Jeans – New Look // Shop Same


Shoes – Adidas/Schuh // Shop Similar (Mine were no longer available on Schuh.)

Hope you enjoyed this!

Keep an eye out for more,

Laura x